Brown Rice not only has nutritional benefits, it's also great for making pasta, bread, brownies and more.
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Our Bakers Blend Complete Remplacement flours will take the worry out of baking regardless of your experience. Click here to learn more.

Potato Starch is such an amazing addition to your pantry. Add some to your tempura batter to make it even crispier. Click here to learn more.

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Pilling Foods Gluten Free Products - What's in the bag?

What's in the bag?

• Our products are certified Gluten Free by the Canadian Celiac Association


• All our products are gluten free, vegan/plant based, additives free, dairy free, and contain organic and natural ingredients


• 100% Canadian owned, female led company

• We are certified by the Canadian Celiac Association, Canada Organic, Eco-Cert, and BRCGS

• We support Régénération Canada in their commitment to soil regeneration. They work hard to mitigate climate change, restore biodiversity, improve water cycles, and support a healthy food system