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Pilling Foods - How it all began


Our story begins with Kasia, our fearless baking Goddess.

Baking was a simple and enjoyable hobby for her, and she would spend her free time baking goodies to share with friends and family.

Kasia's perspective changed around 2013 when she started dabbling in Gluten Free baking, and to her surprise, other local companies became interested in her cakes.

Fast forward a few years, and it became apparent to Kasia, that being a gluten free company was now a priority. She knew it would help more people, like you, if she could guarantee fabulous baking ingredients that were safe for people with Celiac and gluten sensitivity to use and enjoy.

Pilling Foods continues to maintain the highest certification in food standards in Canada and beyond, and we proudly hold the Canadian Celiac Association's verification that our facility is confirmed as a gluten free environment.

This gives you the confidence to know that every time you use our flours, oats and rices, you never have to worry about any painful consequences.

Our vision for the future is BIG!

Not only will we introduce more organic products to make gluten free living an easy and sustainable lifestyle for you, but we want to create and nurture a gluten free community that gives you back the confidence to cook and really enjoy food again.


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More Than Just a Logo

we are committed to providing the Canadian Gluten Free community with exceptional, sustainable, organic, gluten free baking products, and the confidence to cook with them