Organic Golden Flax seed Meal

• Good Eats Organic Golden Flax seed Meal is ground from organic golden flax seeds which boast many nutritional benefits


• Flax seed meal is filled with calcium, iron and fibre


• They are also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids


• Flax seed meal has been known to help lower cholesterol levels and aid in the protection of many health problems such as high blood pressure


• Flax seed meal can be added into numerous baked goods such as breads, granola bars and muffins, sprinkled into cereals or smoothies and mixed into main dishes


• Can be used as a substitute in baking for eggs and oil


• Our Flax seed Meal is of the highest quality, sourced from Canada.

• Non GMO

• Vegan
• Organic
• High in calcium, iron, fibre, and Omega-3 fatty acids

• Certified Gluten Free by the Canadian Celiac Society

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454 Grams
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